Vermont SEO

There are many facets that go into a good search engine optimization program. These facets can all attribute to your site appearing at the top of the searches for your given field. We here at have been running websites and achieving great rankings for clients for the past eight years. We have experience with enterprise-scale database-driven structures, e-commerce and subscription sales, and smaller sites for people who want to show off their hobbies.


Making data-driven decisions takes the guess work out of increasing your websites potential. A/B and muliti-variate tests help let your users choose what work best for them.  We work cloesly with the Google Analytics suite and have other analytical tools that can halp increase your ROI and make your web presence what it should be – a finely tuned marketing engine.

Open Source Solutions

If you do not have have a site already, we offer several open source solutions to help with your rankings and site maintenance. Search engines are contextual beings, and offering then ‘food for thought’ is part of the solution. Gaining access to your content isn’t always easy to do in an affordable manner though – which is why we’ve been studying and manipulating open source solutions for years.

Why open source? It’s free and well-documented and has tons of support. We can manipulate these solutions so you can have access to your content in an easy to use, password protected editor. Not everyone needs to know what a div tag is. Sometimes we even like to forget what they are! We build open source to put the power-tools in your hands. We set them up so that they cut straight, and then give you the keys, avoiding constant upkeep costs on your part and freeing us to stay attuned to the latest changes in the industry.

Built from scratch?

We can do that too. If you want a propriatary solutions to custom fit your need, we’ll build it for you.

If you don’t have a site we’ll build one for you. If you have a site we’ll do our best to get it ranked as high as possible.

It’s fun!

We spend much of our days interpreting data, writing and recoding things because this is what we like to do. We aren’t selling auto-parts, or biscottis, or DIY home fix-it kits. But if you sell one of those things, or want to sell something, we can help. Being at the top of a search for a well-searched term can literally keep you very very busy without any other marketing efforts. We want to keep you busy.

Your site should show your expertise in your field.

Your sites rankings will show the expertise in our field.

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